Result 2014-15 Class XII

Students of Gian Jyoti Global School Phase 2, Mohali, once again, have put up a marvelous show by repeating the same old path and displayed marvelous results in Class XII.

From medical stream Bhavya Modi stood first by scoring 94.6% marks Monika got 92.6%, Kanavpreet Singh got 90.8% and Saisha Bhandari got 90% in the same stream whereas from Commerce Jayati got 94.2%, Charu Palyal got 91.8% and Tania Manktala got 91.4% marks and took the lead in Mohali.

Kanavpreet Singh got 97 marks in English. Bhavya Modi got 95 in physics, 95 in chemistry and 96 in biology whereas Saisha got 95 marks in Physics. Gina Kaur Gill 98 in Physical Education. Jayati got 95 in accounts, 95 in business studies, 95 in economics and 95 in Maths whereas Kamalpreet and Tania both 95 in accounts and Tania got 95 in Economics too.

Around 35 students got above 90 in English and many students got above 90 in other subjects too.

The Principal Mrs. Ranjeet Bedi congratulated the teachers, Parents as well as the students. She stressed that this excellent achievement was possible because of the brilliant faculty of Gian Jyoti.

Ranjeet Bedi