The school believes in inculcating patriotic zeal and ethical values and in developing the healthy outlook of the students by channelising the inexhaustible energy of youth in the right direction towards creativity, self-sufficiency and optimum utilization of talents. Living in nuclear families, the child of today is missing the importance of human to human bondage and they have even forgotten the most important word ‘HELP’ and to work in group. The school helps the students in developing the qualities like friendliness, helping attitude and team work spirit. This helps a child to change their attitude towards the failures that might have disturbed them and might have forced them to turn blind eye towards their future.

Mrs. Ranjeet Bedi, the Principal of the school like an expert and ever alert navigator takes the ship (school) carrying thousands of students year after year through the turbulent sea to the harbor of peace, harmony, happiness and above all total success in every sphere of life. She feels that the child of today has been overpowered with stress and strain due to the increasing level of competence and expectations of the parents. Therefore, she believes in certain values that nourishes a child and helps him to finds ways to tackle with it rather than living with it.

  • Curiosity is the most important quality of a learner.
  • Efficient person is the one who always craves for success.
  • Develop good self-esteem to believe in your worth.
  • Always crave for knowledge as lack of awareness ends the world for you.
  • Perception of not understanding depends on mental and psychological reactions.